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Birthdate:May 4
Not much to say about myself, really. I've been involved in fandom since before I was born -- my parents met in a sci-fi book club meeting at university, it was inevitable that I'd turn out to be a geek. I started writing fanfic in elementary school and it turned into slash before I even knew what that was (Iceman/Human Torch, fyi). My first online fandoms were H:LotS, X:WP/H:TLJ, and XF. My current enthusiasms include almost anything I've seen at least one episode of, and I'm willing to try out just about anything. Star Trek will always hold a special place in my heart (I have an immense collection of Star Trek novels because they are my mind candy/comfort reading of choice).

I've been using LiveJournal under the same username for a decade now, so this journal will not actually see many posts from me, but I did want to be able to comment and leave feedback here. Perhaps someday I will get my shit together and use this journal as an archive for my fanfic, or maybe for some other creative endeavor.

My real life is tragically inane, unfortunately, barring the occasional descent into anaphylaxis or the antics of my students.
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